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0113 | sleepover with freshman college roomies

I haven’t seen these girls for a year! So glad our dinner pushed through. The only problem was the four of us really didn’t get to be complete. Kat and I were the early birds and had dinner at Sumo Sam whilst waiting for the other two to arrive. K came from Sucat, and got there at 830 already! And unfortunately, Mon had to take an overtime at work and opted not to go to Shang.

K left at 10PM to catch the MRT. Kat and I had a crazy idea to sleep over at Mon’s place. At first Mon didn’t want to because she said her unit was a mess (and it was), but we told her heck, we were your roommates before! We can tolerate whatever state your unit is in. HAHAHA.

So there we went. It’s amazing how we were roommates for only a year but still have so many stories/memories of each other. Good times!

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